2004 was the year I went from a life of two suitcases and perpetual traveling and tattooing to the establishment of Infamous Studio here in Stockholm, Sweden.
Transitioning from a life of the constant nomad to a boss, teacher, tax payer & citizen has been one of the most challenging tasks I’ve ever undertaken.
With ten years of hard work, a few missteps and many successes Infamous Studio is going strong and looking forward an interesting and creative future.
It is an honor and a pleasure welcome friends old and new, clients and tattooers
to celebrate with us.
Please feel welcome!

Till then, all the best.
Theo Jak and the Infamous Crew
Where: Infamous Studio
Kocksgatan 19, 11624 Stockholm, Sweden
When: 28 August,18:00-23:00


If we don’t see you here. We’ll see you at the Stockholm Ink Bash.

And for those of you that are far away across land and sea, I just wanted to let you know that you are being though of. Be well.

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