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Infamous Studio is a semi-private tattoo studio standing on over thirty years of international tattooing experience.

Established in 2004, we are located in the SOFO area of Stockholm- shopping, bars, restaurants and other artsy shit, cha cha cha.

We are home to tattooers/artists with diverse backgrounds and creative inspiration, providing expert derma-graphic installation for our local as well as international community.

Most work is done by appointment, however, we often have time small drop-ins daily.

Feel welcome to to stop by the studio to discuss your tattoo ideas.

Swedish, English, Spanish and really really bad Italian Spoken.

Further information about being tattooed at Infamous Studio can be found here/FAQ's.

* We do not offer piercing.


Fridays are our Drop-Ins All Day day, from 12:00-20:00.

First come, first served basis- so come early as possible. )

Drop-in tattoos are normally hand size or smaller. Studio minimum is 1200:- SEK.

On the daily we are usually working on larger projects, however, we can often find the time to make a few small tattoos provided we have the place to do them in a relaxed manner.

OM day every day

In an effort to spread a little good will we offer simple small OM tattoos at no cost, daily (as time allows).

All we ask in return is that one make a small donation to a local dog rescue organisation.

More info about day here, here, and here.